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Avoiding Misinformation in Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is complicated enough on its own. Misinformation and myths abound, making it even more challenging for people to understand this government benefits program. Unfortunately, there are many people with an interest in making sure the public doesn’t understand their rights concerning Medicaid.

The nursing home industry makes more money when the elderly don’t apply for Medicaid. This is because nursing homes and assisted living facilities are often able to charge residents a higher rate than they can charge Medicaid for the same care. The nursing home lobby spreads misinformation about Medicaid and seeks to get benefits and eligibility reduced through large public campaigns. They also seek to shame potential applicants into avoiding Medicaid.

They do this by spreading news and false anecdotes about abuse of the Medicaid system. While these cases are rare, the elder care industry works hard to make sure that the public knows about the few “Medicaid millionaires” who scam the system for income they don’t need or deserve. The majority of Medicaid recipients desperately need assistance, but there is an effort to convince the public that anyone who receives aid is gaming the system.

The nursing home industry isn’t the only group that benefits from misinformation. There are many people willing to offer estate planning and Medicaid planning advice at low rates. These people often aren’t attorneys and may claim that you don’t need to pay an attorney to help you plan. The problem is that these planners often make mistakes. While they may not intentionally misinform you, they are not regulated and have no malpractice insurance to reimburse you if their mistakes cost you.

The best way to avoid misinformation is to let an experienced St. Petersburg attorney help you with Medicaid planning from start to finish. For help planning your future or getting care for a loved one, contact a skilled Florida Medicaid attorney at the Charles Law Offices today.

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