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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Suze Orman Trusts and Wills

Many people who attempt estate planning on their own seek to take advantage of the advice and fill-in-the-blank forms that can be purchased from a variety of companies.  Celebrity financial advisor Suze Orman also offers such “do-it-yourself” packages. These forms and kits, however, have caused serious problems for the people who’ve used them to create wills or trusts, and their potential pitfalls are many:

  • Enforceability. These forms are supposed to help consumers create useful estate planning instruments. While the kits suggest taking the completed documents to an attorney for review, this rarely happens. The problem is that each state has its own rules and procedures for creating wills and trusts. Just because the forms work in California doesn’t mean they will work in Florida.
  • Generality. Suze Orman doesn’t know you or your particular financial situation. The truth is that many of the forms in these kits are simplified in order to work for everyone. In reality, everyone’s needs are different. Your estate plan should reflect your unique situation — and no one else’s.
  • Hidden issues. A will or trust prepared using a kit simply won’t be versatile enough to deal with the special issues of law that arise from business investments, intellectual property and other assets or debts. Only an experienced attorney can analyze your estate and explain the legal issues that must be addressed.
  • Inflexibility. No one can anticipate all of the possible financial or family changes the future will bring. When you create a will using a form, you are stuck updating it yourself. When you work with a professional, you can periodically check in with them to determine if changes are needed. More importantly, an attorney can contact you when changes in the law require your attention.

If you have created a will or a trust using a fill-in-the-blank form, you should still seek the assistance of a knowledgeable Florida estate planning attorney. At the Charles Law Offices, we can use these forms as a starting point to create new, comprehensive and enforceable wills and trusts that protect your assets and your family’s future.




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