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Handling the Florida Probate Process from Out of State

Florida is known as a popular place for people to retire to. In fact, about 800 people move into the state every day, which has led Florida to pass New York as the third-most-populous state in the country. With so many seniors retiring here, separated from their children who live in other states, the death of a parent can present unique issues.

Most wills name an executor. This person is responsible for carrying out the instructions of the will in accordance with the law through the process known as probate. If you are named the executor of a parent or relative’s estate while you live outside of Florida, it can be difficult to handle all of the required duties on your own. An executor is typically responsible for:

  • Gathering all of the assets that make up the estate
  • Notifying all of the relatives who are named in the will
  • Using the estate’s assets to pay off your parent’s or loved one’s debts
  • Dealing with the courts when necessary
  • Distributing the estate’s assets according to the will’s provisions

Many of the tasks associated with settling an estate require the physical presence of someone in the area. If you have been named executor or personal representative of an estate, there is no need to worry. You can have an attorney assist you with most or all of the probate process. In fact, clients who work with the attorneys at the Charles Law Offices often manage to get through the probate process without ever stepping foot in Florida. Our attorneys use email, fax and priority mail to ensure that your loved one’s estate is settled expediently. We also help trust administrators carry out their duties whether they are in Florida or located elsewhere.

For help with the probate process, contact a skilled Florida trusts and estates attorney at the Charles Law Offices today.



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