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How Can I Revoke My Will if I Want to Change It?

When drafting a will, some people seem to have a good idea of how their future will play out, while other people have no idea what the future holds. In both cases, there is a good chance that changes in fortunes, families, and a host of other areas would lead someone to want to change their will. While the state of Florida allows for changes to an existing will in the form of a document that modifies it, known as a codicil, sometimes a more extreme change is needed, which involves revoking the will.

It is possible to revoke an existing will, making it completely invalid. There is no complicated legal process for accomplishing this — all you have to do is tear your will up or write on it.  You could also burn it or obliterate it in some other way. These acts revoke your original will as well as any codicils to the will. Of course, accidentally tearing a page of your will won’t ruin it. You must intend to destroy it for a revocation to occur under Florida law.

Once you have revoked your old will, you should immediately create a new one. An experienced estate planning attorney can help you draft a will that meets your current needs and distributes your assets in a way that reflects your current wishes. Your new will can also be part of a larger estate plan that may include tools such as trusts and joint accounts. It can also contain updated information about your preferences in case of a medical emergency and even information about your digital assets and accounts.

To learn more about making changes to your will or drafting a new one, consult a helpful Florida estate planning attorney at the Charles Law Offices.

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