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Planning Funeral Arrangements in Florida

When making end of life arrangements, there is much to consider, including estate planning and choosing an executor. One detail many people overlook is funeral planning. While some prefer not to think about this inevitability, others are unaware that they even have the right to make preparations ahead of time. Florida law offers a person a great deal of latitude in making future arrangements for his or her own funeral and there are a great number of benefits to getting ahead on this planning. 

One of the first decisions a person can make when making funeral arrangements is determining who will be in charge of carrying out these future plans. A failure to choose an estate executor or administrator could lead to a great deal of headache and conflict for a person’s family after his or her passing. By choosing ahead of time who will carry out the arrangements, it eliminates this tension and reduces the stress on the family of the departed. 

In addition to choosing a representative, a person has the right to leave very detailed plans about the actual funeral, including for the ceremony and whether you wish to be buried or cremated. It can be extremely taxing for a family to make these arrangements and often they are left second-guessing what a person would have wanted. By setting these wishes to paper, you can both have your own wishes carried out and allow your family the peace of mind of knowing your funeral is a reflection of your will. Remember, though, that funeral plans are legal documents and you should follow the same legal guidelines as you would with a will or living trust. 

Financial details can play a large factor in your funeral planning. The average funeral costs approximately $7,000. A large number of people pass away without having accounted for this cost and the burden on the family can be great. By paying ahead of time or setting aside money to pay for your funeral, you can ease the financial burden on your family. 

It can be stressful to make end of life plans, but the more you organize ahead of time, the easier the process will be on your family. If you require assistance in preparing funeral arrangements and other estate planning documents, contact a Florida estate planning attorney from The Charles Law Offices.

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