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What Can You Do if You Have Been Left Out of a Will?

Often, a parent or relative gives no indication during their life of what will be found in their will once they die. The deceased person’s children may enter the probate process under the assumption that assets will be split evenly, or relatively evenly, between each of them. When there are no children, other relatives may expect the wealth to pass to them. In many cases, however, this is not the case.

Parents choose to disinherit their children for a variety of reasons. For example, a parent may give their entire estate to the child that helps them the most as they age. Others refuse to give money to children after a fight or if they disapprove of their child’s life choices. Parents are allowed to disinherit their adult children for any reason under Florida law. Those without children sometimes prefer to give money to a charitable organization instead of distant relatives.

If you are surprised to find out you have been left out of a will, you may have legal options. The strongest legal option available to adult children in Florida is to challenge the validity of the will. While it is hard to prove that one particular section of a will should be held invalid, there are a number of reasons why the entire document can be invalidated.

One factor that could invalidate a will is undue influence. If a child, caretaker or other person exerts too much influence over the decedent in their last days, they may be able to convince that person to change their estate plan. There are endless cases where a long-lost relative coerces an elderly person into changing their will to leave everything to that relative, at the expense of the rest of the family.

If you believe that someone has coerced or intimidated your loved one, or influenced someone to change their will through fraud, seek the help of a compassionate Florida probate attorney at the Charles Law Offices today.

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