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Why Should You Have an Attorney Create Your Will?

It is incredibly important for every adult to have a will. Your will determines how your estate will be divided when you pass away. Your will is used during the probate process to determine which assets go where and to help settle your estate. Having a will makes this process much easier for your family.

People who die without a will are considered to have died intestate. This means that their property will be divided based on the laws of the state where they lived. When a will is drafted improperly, it is considered to be invalid. In these cases, the deceased person (decedent) may be considered to have died intestate, just as if no will had been drafted at all. For this reason, it is essential that you have a will written with the assistance and advice of a competent and experienced attorney.

In an attempt to save money, many people rely on self-help books or websites to create their wills.. Others hire companies that claim they can draft wills and other legal documents at a lower cost than an attorney. These companies are often staffed by paralegals and other non-attorneys who don’t have a full grasp of estate planning or Florida’s inheritance laws. The truth is, many of the wills created by non-attorneys just don’t hold up under the law. Trying to save money by writing a will yourself or going to someone other than an attorney can actually cost your estate more in the end. In fact, it may end up being much more expensive for your family to hire an attorney to sort out the mess caused by a poorly drafted will than it is for you to hire an attorney to write your will correctly now.

If you want a will drafted by an experienced professional, work with a skilled Florida estate planning attorney at the Charles Law Offices.

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